MKE Week 21: I’m curious, how will I love Guilt?

This questions popped up in my mind after I read the response from The Fab Davene.

This is the second week in which we have been tasked to go into the Alliance area of the MKE, and under the Tools for Expanding area we are to comment on how we could use Fear, Anger, Guilt, Unworthiness in our favor and use it for good.  Or perhaps how it has hindered us in advancing our lives.   

I wrote recently:

“I often find Guilt holding me back from giving myself permission. Guilt that I am not doing something for someone else. Guilt that I may be spending too much time focusing on me, and not other things.”

There were a couple of replies to my post which I enjoyed and am thankful that they took the time to read and reply. 

Then there was:

“You’re gonna love Guilt”

That’s what The Fab Davene wrote……

Really?!   How?!  So many questions on that.  Will we turn guilt into using it in a positive approach?  And if so, how?   

I certainly do not have those answers.  Yet. 

I’m intrigued to learn.  Perhaps a continued blog in the future to re-address this topic!   


3 Replies to “MKE Week 21: I’m curious, how will I love Guilt?”

  1. Good old guilt is such a powerful emotion; other people often like to use it as power over us but in reality we are strong and they are wishing they be like us. Remember the “Guy in the Mirror” You are nature’s greatest miracle.


  2. Eric,
    It is good to have a questioning spirit and you did a great job in doing so in your blog along with your great picture of a magnifying glass. Perhaps on the tribe call this week we can mastermind the above question. My question for you to think on is: Are you holding on to the banana by your guilt?


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