MKE Week 18: Will this day be my last?

That’s an interesting question?  Some may read that as more of a darker question, thus wondering what thoughts the writer, me,  may have or what I may be going through. 

Not to worry friends.  That is a question filled with positivity, opportunity, gratitude, courage and enthusiasm. 

I will live this day as if it is my last.

Now that is a statement! 

Preparing for Scroll V which we just began, I was tasked to start reading an obituary daily and asking 3 questions to myself.  What would that person give for one more day?  Who could I show gratitude toward as if it was my last day?  How can I behave today to finish my masterpiece of my life? 

Yes, to some that may seem a bit odd and weird to ask those questions…..

“Oh, shut up old blueprint”

Anyway, this was one of the topics on my most recent tribe call.  I mentioned to my tribe that I truly believe this exercise is all about realizing that at at any given moment our life could end, therefore it is in our power to live each day, minute and second as if it is our last. 


Be Honest with myself.  Have I given myself permission to be happy?  Is Ego in the drivers seat, or am I?  Am I doing what the person I intend to become would do?

Be Open-minded.  With everything!  Just do it!  Do it now!

Be Willing.  Have the willingness to just go for it.  Leave the fear, doubt and what I’m pretending not to know behind.  I don’t want to know it all.  I want to discover it all. 

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!


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