MKE Week 16: Kindness and Decisiveness

What a week this has been.  The more and more I think and observe kindness, the more I visit the alliance area for kindness, the more I read and comment on other acts of kindness from members, the more I realize how much kindness was already inside of me.  I just had to bring it to the surface more often. 

This week’s exercise has also allowed me to think more about decisiveness.  That was the virtue I chose for the first week and that is the one I felt I needed to work on the most.  I’m finding that the more I focus on the weekly virtue, the more I think about last weeks, which is awesome to me!  I wrote on last weeks blog regarding my decision to go out and get a motorcycle, which I did.  I’ve also found that at a couple of networking functions I’ve attended this past week I made decisions and actions that I might not have done in the past.  It’s exciting to me to look back at this and realize that it was happening without me even realizing it. 

Back to Kindness…it’s interesting to me that I put ‘Pleasing Personality’ as my last virtue for week 12 since I feel of all of them that is the one I needed the least amount of help with.  I’ve always been told, and realize, that I’m a pleaser.  Always putting people and their needs ahead of my own.  Honestly, I’ve been told that I do it to much and not think about myself.  This course and journey has helped me realize that, however this week of Kindness has also helped me understand that I can have the best of both. 

I can be me, the best me, every day and every minute, but still give thanks and gratitude through kindness in so many ways.  I love it!   

8 Replies to “MKE Week 16: Kindness and Decisiveness”

  1. Your awareness of your own “pleasing personality” so is a perfect kindness as we have to firstly be kind to ourselves to be able to attract and give kindness. Enjoy your motorbike and exercising Subby. How amazing is the journey?

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  2. I too focused on another word in addition to kindness. Something I need…organization is the word I chose last week and am working on this week. And both are happening!

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