MKE Week 15: A DMP is coming to life!

It’s weird isn’t it.  Looking back at something and realizing you had already utilized the 4 steps to Persistency in order to bring a dream to life, and hadn’t even realized it. 

This has, and continues, to happen to me.  You see, one of my goals on my DMP is to own a 2018 Harley Davidson on, or before, July 31, 2018.  At the time, I had no motorcycle license and my experience was limited.  I’ve had a couple bikes in my late teens and early twenty’s, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve owned or rode on a regular basis.  My parents take summer trips on their Harley and I’ve always wanted to do that.  I didn’t realize how much until I began the MKE.  I hadn’t really realized how much I just wanted to get on a bike and ride, any bike, until this course. 

At the beginning of this journey I informed my friend of my goals, and soon he was sending me dates and times we could take a motorcycle instruction course to obtain our license.  He too was interested, and our Master Mind Alliance began. 

All of the “what if you get hurt”, “motorcycles are dangerous”, “how much was the course?” ,“that can be an expensive toy” hoopla cement and negativity began.  That wasn’t going to stop me.  I stayed positive and realized that it was my life.  My moment.  I’m the guy in the mirror, not them.  I wanted this.  I had a Burning Desire to have a motorcycle.  Yes, a Harley Davidson.  But at this point, a motorcycle to get on the open road. 

I had my Plan.  I needed to take a course on riding, or I needed to take the riding test at the DMP.  Both my friend and I agreed we could use some practice on the bikes, so we enrolled in the course.  Once we enrolled, we went to the DMV and passed the written exam and received permits.  The course was two evening sessions, and two riding sessions, and we completed it successfully right before Christmas.   I then began looking at different bikes I could get as a starter bike, and we were both interested in trail riding, so I narrowed down to a dual purpose bike that is highway ready as well as trail riding ready.  We have a lot of trails where I live and the thought of being able to just take those and see where they go is intriguing. 

KLROn Jan 2, I became an owner of a 1998 Kawasaki KLR 650.  I decided I wanted a good starter bike to get some miles underneath me.  Not that I intend to, but if by chance something happens and I lay the bike down, I would much rather it be this than a brand new Harley!   I had my plan and continually acted on it.  I have my license, my gear, and now my bike and am ready to begin my motorcycle adventure!

My DMP has not changed, and I still have my eyes on the prize, a 2018 Harley Davidson, but this experience and the MKE have helped me manifest a dream into the beginning stages of reality.  The only thing left is the Harley Davidson. 

I will own a 2018 Harley Davison Low Rider, complete with metallic blue tank and fenders, and a chrome body on, or before, July 31, 2018. 

I always keep my promises. 

Do it Now!

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