MKE Week 14: Peace Be The Journey

What a great movie, Cool Runnings.  I had seen it a long time ago, but this week we had a choice of some movies to watch, and I decided to rewatch this motivational movie about Strength, Honor, Love, Teamwork, Belief, and most of all, Persistence. 

A Burning Desire.  After failing (being tripped actually) to qualify for sprinting in the Olympics, four Jamaicans learn how to bobsled (not to mention what it is) in order to represent themselves and their country at the Olympics.  Represent themselves and their country, the did indeed. 

A Definite Plan with Action.  Take four Jamaicans who have never heard of bobsledding and a washed up former bobsledder as a coach.  Teach them the basics of bobsledding in Jamaica.  Travel to Calgary, Alberta and meet snow and ice for the very first time.  Manage the many challenges and obstacles faced in order to compete.  Represent Jamaica at the 1988 Winter Olympics.  I will skip all the details but that is the summary of having a plan of action and working daily to achieve your goal. 

Positive Mental Attitude. Well…it was in 1988 and and they were complete underdogs from Jamaica trying to compete in a winter sport.  Let’s just say the vibes coming their way weren’t always the best, but they pushed through all the way to the end with their own agenda in mind.  A gold medal.

Master Mind Alliance.   Bobsledding is a complete team sport.  You must be in harmonious step along the entire race.  From sprinting at the start to positioning yourself in the sled along the corners, this is no sport for just a single individual.  The desire to compete.  The willingness to sacrifice for the team.  Everyone has to be in harmony.  An alliance has to be formed.   

It really is a great movie.  Not only entertaining, but inspirational and educational as well.  I highly recommend! 

5 Replies to “MKE Week 14: Peace Be The Journey”

  1. Eric, Thanks for sharing what you gained from the movie “Cool Runnings”. I agree with you-the movie was very inspiring and definitely illustrated persistence and not giving up no matter what the obstacle might be. Have a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018.


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