MKE Week 13: A great TED Talk relating to NARC

I found this TED talk very interesting.  Dr. Joe Dispenza I believe is the same man that was in the Peptides clip from a previous MKE week.  I recognized him immediately but did not know from where, and then about 5 minutes into his talk I realized where I had seen him before.  The video is just short of 18 minutes, however well worth it.  I feel it ties into this entire MKMMA experience, and with the holidays here and the in-laws around ( mental diet), this is just another great opportunity to get over the habit of being yourself (old blue print) and start building better habits for the future you. 

Thoughts that wire together fire together. 


8 Replies to “MKE Week 13: A great TED Talk relating to NARC”

  1. Pretty well said by Dr Dispenza there!

    May I recommend his book “Stop Being You”?

    He wrote about a sitting meditation/excersie he commands doing for months or at least 30 days. Plus some really revealing and helpful written assignments. He shares couple methods to relax the body, the one I liked the most is called “water meditation.”

    Thanks for sharing the good stuff, amigo 🙂

    >One Love<


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  2. Eric, The video was so inspiring and it does correlate beautiful with the skills we have learned. Thanks for sharing it in your blog. I also enjoyed your statement of getting over the old habit of being your self (your old blue print) and being more concerned about building new habits for your future you. Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

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