MKE Week 11: It’s the little things that no longer matter.

I’ve been feeling really good this week.  After the past webinar on Persistence I’ve been really evaluating myself and how this word, and this course even, have been affecting my life up to this point.  I’ve been celebrating the fact that I am more observant regarding myself and my surroundings than ever before.  Thankful that I’ve kept my promise to continue in this course and journey, as well as forgiven myself for the times I’ve lapsed in completing tasks.  I’ve realized that how far I am in my progression is entirely the effect of my efforts I’ve put in.  I was so proud of myself when I was informed this week that my DMP is complete!  I did it.  I even told my friend who I master mind with, Mike Stewart, about the completion on my laser Marco Polo to him this morning. 

In other words, I’ve been in a great mood this week and really enjoying my thoughts.  I met up with a friend this morning for coffee and then we visited a bike shop.  ( My vision board has a Harley Davidson on it!)  Then, I  headed back home. 

To This……


This was a gift from one of our dogs.  Do you think I just started the mental diet…….Again?!!   Oh yes.  Yes I do believe I did. 

However I’ve recognized something.  It did take me a bit of time to actually recognize that I did not stay long for mad, but I’ve recognized that.  I recognize that a couple of months ago if I had come home to that, I would have still been talking about it, complaining about it, saying words that are otherwise not positive about it.  I would have let it get to me, control me and my thoughts for hours, perhaps following to the next day. 

Not today.  Not the new me.  Now, of course I could not contain myself within 7 seconds, hence the restart (Again), but I can honestly say to myself that I was back to calm, collective, and no longer concerning myself with it after about 10 minutes.  It happened.  It’s done.  How I move on is up to me.  There is nothing now that can be done about it.  I have bigger things to go out and get, to accomplish.   

Whatsoever things I desire, when I pray, believe that I receive them and I shall have them.

2 Replies to “MKE Week 11: It’s the little things that no longer matter.”

  1. Eric, What a blog!! You made me laugh especially the picture on what your lovely dog did. It is also exciting to see how even though you had to start over your Mental diet, yet you are able to still see growth in yourself compared to how you would have handled it six month ago. Congratulations! Your hard efforts are paying off.

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